Investigation and construction management in the remediation of hazardous substances

For decades materials which are classified today as pollutants and hazardous substances have been used in the surface construction. The suspicion only is enough to be an obstacle for a sale transaction, the development planning or the valuation of a building. In such cases it is essential to clarify the suspicion of building pollutants or hazardous materials with appropriate examinations.

Our services include general as well as special consulting regarding the handling of building pollutants or hazardous materials as well as their determination.

As in the analysis of contaminated sites we offer a gradual project management to our customers. This proven approach ensures a treatment of problems concerning pollutants and hazardous materials in and at buildings which is economically reasonable to our customers.

The following scheme is the basis of our project management:

I. Step
Customers consulting in order to clarify the demand of research depending on special issues and current knowledge

II. Step: Indicative research
Registration of historical use
Data collection (evaluation of building documentations, own documentations as extensions etc.)
Data evaluation
Acquisition of contamination data from responsible authorities

Assessment of contamination and usage risk

III. Step: Physical / chemical informative survey
Preparation of a survey plan
Execution of field survey
Evaluation of field and analytical data

Verifying the suspicion of contaminations
Recommended actions
Preparation of a detailed survey program

IV. Step: Physical / chemical detailed survey
Performance as step II, inspection, sighting of all parts of the building

Evaluation of the scale of contaminations, register of hazardous substances, expertise
Risk assessment, necessity of remediation
Presentation of the effects of contaminations on the use of properties
Preparation of a detailed recommendation

V. Step: Final analysis
Analysis of the current level of knowledge

Estimation of additional costs due to contaminations
Clarification of risk of liability and usage
Decision support for further handling of proven contaminations (evaluation of need of remediation)
Development of a holistic remediation concept

VI. Step: Remediation planning
(planning services for remediation of harmful and hazardous substances)

Development of a remediation concept involving all parties (owner, occupant, authority etc.)
Preparation of a service description for the execution of remediation of harmful and hazardous substances and for the restoration
Development of a waste management concept
Calculation of additional costs due to contaminations (cost estimate)
Request of tenders, price comparison list, award recommendation for all services
Project-, construction-, site-management incl. waste management
Invoice verification / audit, control of defects and costs, schedule review
Acceptance of services due to VOB or requirements due to hazardous substances

Ordering of single services is of course possible in all steps. This does imply, however, that there is no planning and cost certainty but a potential risk of right of recourses.